Beachside Eastbourne - Corona Virus Update

Following the latest government announcement, businesses providing holiday accommodation (including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, campsites, caravan parks, boarding houses and short term lets) should now take steps to close for commercial use as quickly as is safely possible. Full consideration should be given to the possible exclusions for residents that should be allowed to remain.

We welcome enquiries from NHS Trusts and Government bodies who require self-contained apartments for their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic and we have discounted rates in place for Keyworkers. All guests must fall under one of the following Government Exceptions:


  • Where people live in these as interim abodes whilst their main residence is unavailable, or they live in them permanently, they may continue to do so.

  • Critical workers and non-UK residents who are unable to travel to their country of residence during this period can continue to stay in hotels or similar where required.

  • People who are unable to move into a new home due to the current restrictions can also stay.

  • Where hotels, hostels, and B&Bs are providing rooms to support homeless and other vulnerable people such as those who cannot safely stay in their home, through arrangements with local authorities and other public bodies, they may remain open

  • Those attending a funeral will be able to use hotels when returning home would be impractical.


Social Distancing Measures.


We currently have strict procedures in place to protect ourselves and our guests, and we ask that everyone entering the site carefully observe the measures we have in place.



Future Bookings.


We hope to be open to the wider public from the 4th July.

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