Beachside Eastbourne – Corona Virus Response

The health, safety and security of our guests has and always be our highest priority and in response to the Corona virus we implemented a number of new procedures and measures which are still in place today. We would like to take this opportunity to offer reassurance to all of our guests that our apartments are safe and we continue to do all we can to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

This includes completing a Covid-19 Risk Assessment, which can be downloaded from here.

We have also updated our Booking Terms and Conditions, which can be viewed in full here.

Beachside has been accredited by both Visit England and the AA in our response to the pandemic and we are also proud members of the Eastbourne Hospitality Association.

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Changes we have made that specifically relate to Covid-19 are as follows:


  • All Guests are required to agree that if they, or a member of their party, is feeling unwell or displaying symptoms of the Corona virus, or if they have any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their arrival, they will self-isolate as per Government instruction, follow NHS guidelines and not check-in at Beachside.

  • In addition, guests must agree to inform us immediately if they, or members of their group develop signs of the Corona virus whilst staying at Beachside. They will be required to undergo a Covid-19 test at the nearest test centre and show us the results. If they have tested positively for the Corona virus, all members of the group will be required to vacate Beachside, and return to their permanent address as soon as possible, adhering to government guidance at all times.


  • We ask guests to acknowledge that more time is required to thoroughly clean and sanitise each apartment and therefore agree to check-in no earlier than 4pm on their arrival date and check-out no later than 10am their departure date.


  • To safeguard and minimise the risk to cleaning staff, we request that guests now leave open all windows and if possible, strip all bed linen prior to departure. (Spare bin liners and/or red water-soluble bags are provided).

  • Guests are asked to put all rubbish in tied bin bags. These must be taken outside and then placed into the external dustbins


  • Finally, guests are asked to practice social distancing at all times.



Returning guests might also notice that some items like soft-furnishings, books, puzzles and DVDs, have been removed from Beachside; this is temporary and has been done to reduce the risk of transmission. This is new to all of us and we thank you for your understanding and patience.



Enhanced Cleaning


We have always tried to keep our apartments spotlessly clean and hygienic but in response to the pandemic we have adopted an enhanced five-step cleaning process. Details of this are provided below:

  1. Prepare

  2. Clean

  3. Sanitise

  4. Check

  5. Reset


Step 1: Prepare

  • We will ensure we have the right cleaning supplies and only using disinfectant and sanitiser solutions that pass certification for BS EN 14476,  BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13697.


  • All rooms will be well ventilated before cleaning to increase air circulation and to reduce the risk of any air borne virus in the property. It is suggested to guests that they leave all windows open prior to departure.


  • Hands will be washed for at least 20 seconds with hot, running, soapy water before we begin cleaning.


  • We will wear appropriate protective equipment, such as disposable gloves, aprons and masks.


  • Cleaning Checklists have been created for each room of every apartment and are available to see on request


Step 2: Clean

  • All areas will be prepared prior to being cleaned: i.e. all waste will be removed, as will dirty linen and towels. Any pre-cleaning tasks that are required will also be carried out (i.e. loading dishwasher, clearing out fridge, clearing surfaces, etc).


  • Only appropriate products will be used to clean and disinfect our apartments. Crockery, cutlery, cookware, and glassware will be washed in hot, running, soapy water.


  • Gloves will be worn when removing dirty bed linen and towels. All linen that requires laundering will be placed directly into red water-soluble bags (if this has not been done already by guests). All bed linen is professionally laundered off-site to manufacturers’ standards, including steam pressing for added reassurance.


  • Extra care will be taken not to shake the linen in case viruses are dispersed through the air. Bedding and soft furnishings will be sprayed with virucidal disinfectant mist.


  • Gloves will be removed and disposed of after stripping beds and hands washed in hot, running, soapy water. New gloves will be worn before handling fresh linen to make the beds. The same process will apply to towels, bathmats, tea towels and any other removable linen items.

  • All waste will be placed in a plastic bag, tied, and removed from the apartment and disposed of in one of the external bins.


Step 3: Sanitise

  • We will take extra care to ensure frequently touched surfaces in the apartment, such as door handles, light switches and remote controls are properly sanitised. We will also sanitise the apartment’s keys.


  • Disinfectant will be left on surfaces for the length of time specified by the manufacturer; this is to ensure there is enough wet contact time needed for the chemicals to effectively sanitise each surface.


  • Whenever possible, we will allow the surface to air-dry.



Step 4: Check

  • We will check that the space has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised by reviewing the comprehensive cleaning checklist created for each room.



Step 5: Reset

  • We will throw away disposable products such as disinfectant wipes and wash any cleaning cloths at the highest heat setting appropriate for the material.

  • We will clean and disinfect all other cleaning tools that have been used.

  • All cleaning gear will be removed after we have finished cleaning, and as appropriate, either disposed of, or washed according to its usage guidelines.

  • We will set out cleaning supplies for guests; including soap, bleach, gloves, disinfectant and sanitiser, and all guests are encouraged to help maintain the cleanliness of their accommodation.

  • Our cleaning inventory will be checked regularly to ensure we have satisfactory amounts of cleaning products and any product in short supply will be re-ordered promptly.

  • Finally, each apartment will be visually assessed to ensure each room is set for the next guest, before closing the door.

We are continuing to monitor government advice daily and will initiate any updates as soon as they become available. For the latest information on the virus please see the following trusted websites: